Frame By Frame Digital Web Maintenance Services  
Once your site is up and running, FBF can enhance, change and add important information to keep your message fresh and up-to-date.
Web Site Maintenance Services
Development Costs

Your site is up and running. Your customers are beginning to tell you that they 'found' you on the web and you are pleased you have entered the digital age. Now that this initial hard work is accomplished, what's next?

Maintenance and new services! There is nothing worse than revisiting a company web site only to find that NOTHING has been changed or added. Is the company stagnant? Is there nothing new to announce:

It is important to get online with your basic business information and then add to your web site when the need arises. Once you have begun to see the benefit of having an online, 24 hour-a-day marketing presence, you will begin to plan for additional pages to be developed and added to your web site. Costs vary due the size of your web site and are quoted on an hourly basis. Call for more detail.


  • New Products 
  • Announcements
  • Additional contacts
  • New Services
  • Promotions worth mentioning
  • Trade show or events

    FBF Maintenance Services* include small changes added to or updated for your site. This will ensure accuracy as well as offer your visitors with up-to-the minute changes or additions regarding your company, product line or other facts that you wish to provide. The costs of developing and sending out monthly mailings are eliminated by having a company website.

    The most important activity once you have an online presence is to advertise your domain name in every communication piece. Every printed document should proudly include your web site address and email contacts. Trade shows, corporate events, sales calls and many other daily business-to-business activity should be a place where any person associated with your business and services should be made aware of your up-to-date web presence.