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Frame By Frame Digital (FBF) understands what it takes to both utilize existing graphics or design a new look for your web site.
Visual Graphic Design: Important facts for proper web site graphics:

How important is it to quickly grasp the information which is presented on a web site? How should a page be designed and laid out? Are there guidelines that you should follow?

FBF has been working with Corporations to assist in visual communications since 1981. In that time, many projects, ranging from speaker support slide presentations, trade show projects, Interactive CD-ROM development and web sites all hold similar needs: Make it clear and effective.

FBF will work with you to communicate not only with words, but also with design and clarity.  It is important that the graphics on your site have been properly image processed for viewing efficiency.

Start with a plan:
Having a development plan ensures timely production, little reworking and better quality.

Work with existing graphics:
Anything is better than not having any photography or artwork. FBF wants you to gather any of your past imagery, business card artwork, product photography. We might not use these directly, but by having access to your art, we can learn about your style, products, and most important your own look and feel.

Enhancement of existing graphics and photographs:
FBF can scan and image process existing material, enhance them and make them web-ready .

Add new photography:
FBF can provide photography in both analog and digital for your web site. We use 35mm Contax and Medium Format Rollie as well as Sony Digital cameras.