Web Design Services  
Frame By Frame Digital (FBF) understands how to gather information and to then transform it into compelling and effective web sites that communicate!
Design Philosophy for Development:  Web Development Services:

It is important to clearly communicate to potential clients and partners. The Internet has changed the ways that a business finds new clients, makes announcements, informs and maintains contact.

Before the web, businesses relied on expensive client lists, costly brochures, marketing plans and mass mailings with a low percentage of callbacks. Most of these practices still exist, but because of the explosion of the Internet, companies have a Marketing/Communications/Sales tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including major holidays and every weekend.

Your web site is your personal communications tool to project what you do best for your clientele. This is your electronic brochure that a potential client or partner can search to find, bookmark and use to contact your company. The investment in time and costs associated is small compared to the potential. Your web site should include basic pages at first: a compelling statement about the company, information about the principle people, lists and descriptions of products and services and most important a way to easily find where you are located and how to make contact.

Your domain name should appear on all your company literature so that your clients can find out more about what you can do for them. Many customers will only shop with companies that have a web presence.

FBF provides the expertise to gather essential business information as well as the capability to transform this content into your compelling, easy to use web site. With all the possibilities available today on the Internet, FBF believes that a well laid out web site that is easy to navigate and bring up on every browser is better than all the FLASH and sizzle of other sites online today. Everything has a place, but your web site is your conduit to your success. We wants to make your presence on the Internet a lucrative accomplishment.


Web Page Design:
We specialize in the design of custom sites for small businesses. FBF can build a site of any size that will reflect the spirit and flavor of your organization. Once your Questionnaire and any company literature is delivered to FBF, a preliminary site plan will be readied along with a mock up of how the site will look and how a user will navigate. Each subsequent web page developed for your site will follow the specs agreed upon from the site plan and mock up approvals.

Web Site Setup:
FBF will work closely with you and your staff to identify who will need email accounts, as well as other important site development needs identified in the Questionnaire phase. All production will not "go live" until your have approved each and every page on the site developed for you.

Graphic Design Services:
FBF understands the importance of both creating, using and processing photos, graphics and images to give a web site a great look. FBF will work with your staff to use your company graphics, product photography, staff portraits and anything else you have access to. Once these are all pooled together, FBF can image process and optimize these images for the web.

Custom Graphics and Digital Production:
FBF can also produce custom animated files to add value to your site. In addition to animation, FBF can work with you to add streaming audio and video. Please email Rick Sutter for additional information regarding streaming media or custom animation development services.