Production Services   [ see FBF process ]
Frame By Frame Digital (FBF) is a visual communications firm which provides web design, site redesign, hosting & maintenance services to small businesses.
Pre Production Development   Internet Development Services
  • Initial consultation:
    It is important to have a plan in hand before any production starts. FBF will meet with you to go over what you want for your web site. To assist you in your preplanning, we have developed a questionnaire to help organize your business facts for your new web site.
  • Web Design and Programming:
    All aspects of web development, from design to programming to hosting are handled by FBF. Consider FBF your Internet staff to accomplish the development and launching of your business web site.
  • Domain Name Registration/Transfer:
    Before your site can be placed on the Internet, a unique name must be found, registered or transferred to FBFs Hosting Group. We will assist you to perform these tasks.
  • Testing and Approval Cycles:
    Before your site 'goes live', FBF will place the content onto a web server so you can view each page for accuracy. Once we receive your approval, the site will then be placed online for the world to see and use.
  • Questionnaire:
    FBF has made the information gathering as easy as possible by preparing a detailed questionnaire. This document will deal with typical items such as business name, contacts, location, email and phone numbers. The most critical info will be your list of products and services, as well as key contacts on the web site so visitors will be able to contact you.
  • Maintenance Services:
    FBF will develop and produce your initial web site. As you find the need to change, add or delete information on your site, FBF can help. We offer an affordable maintenance program.