Production Services  
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Frame By Frame Digital (FBF) is a visual communications firm which provides web design, digital video production and editing, DVD encoding and authoring & iPod (portable) video services
Pre Production Development   Production Services
  • Initial consultation:
    It is important to have a plan in hand before any production starts. FBF will meet with you to go over what you want for your web site. To assist you in your preplanning fir web development, we have developed a questionnaire to help organize your business facts for your project.
  • Video & DVD production services:
    Moving video does turn heads! FBF utilizes windows-based non linear editing along with awesome Adobe software. If your project requires the scanning of photos for video/slide/music shows, scanning is also available. Menu-driven DVD production with high end dvd encoding will make tradition linear video become more fun to view and share.
  • Asset collection
    Once the project is discussed and planned, content needs to be acquired or identified. This entails working with existing video, photos, audio or storyboards.
  • Internet:
    FBF can work with you on your existing web site design to enhance or redesign or work from scratch. We have a great arrangement for hosting plans that range from a small site to a lage dedicated dynamic datas driven design.
  • Planning makes the project all come together
    There is nothing better than when a project all comes together on time and within budget. One way to help ensure this is to do as much preplanning as possible so no surprises, gaps or loss of detail occurs. The breath of experience in all phases of development is why you work with Frame By Frame to deliver your project!
  • Portable video/Internet production:
    can repurpose existing video/media to be displayed on portable video devices such as the Apple iPod® or online on web pages. We have the know how and experience to help you take your message to multiple venues.