DVD Production Services


Frame By Frame Digital (FBF) is a visual communications firm which provides web design, digital video production and editing, DVD encoding and authoring & iPod (portable) video services


  Production Services

DVD is the next generation of traditional video. Quality is the key to a properly produced DVD disc + the advantage of menu driven non linear playback. DVDs can hold up to 90 minutes of video footage and has replaced CD-ROM as a delivery method. Planning for your project is key to ensure that the final disc is what was anticipated.


Video Encoding for DVD
One pass + two pass encoding in constant bit stream or variable bit stream can make the difference for complex video projects. FBF utilizes an encoding system to ensure final video that looks great on screen and easy on your pocketbook as well.

Linear | Non Linear | Looping
The magic of DVD is how a menu can control content. Work with FBF to take your info from a traditional video stream to add value


Menu Creation
Simple one page menu design or additional sub menu development is possible. What do you want? Either way, let's work together on your DVD project

Quality Repeated over and over
Master disc copying ensures that the quality of one DVD is repeated! No loss of imagery through time, as VHS has demonstrated.


Leave it to FBF to create your DVD project.