How It Works: Sports Recruit Film Production Services

One of the best ways to get noticed when wanting to play at the collegiate level is to provide game film highlights which best demonstrate your ability. Rick Sutter has helped countless athletes to produce effective film that will get you noticed.

What You Need
What Will You Get?

In order to create a highlight film, you will need to have access to game film. Typically coaches will accomodate your request. The best scenario would be to obtain the original film to ensure the highest final product. If you also have had someone shoot isolated film of you or have game film as well, this is a great addition to traditional press box or end zone views.

Once you have film, FBF recommends that you go through each game and mark plays that show your ability. Be sure to rewind film to the beginning of the tape and reset the timer to ensure that when anything is documented for beginning and end time, you will be as accurate as you can. miniDV tape has built in time code that is accurate for playback and searching on my part when film is being grabbed and evetually assembled. Analog tape, such as VHS or Hi8 does not have time code so you have to rewind and reset to be sure to be able to recreate marks that you have found for plays.

We also need personal stats (height, weight, position, number, contact phone number, head coach name and contact number), player stats, camp info as well as any special awards received.

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Frame By Frame Sports Recruiting Package:

  1. Highlight video that includes personal information (anything you want to add to tell coaches what you have done in sports, school, training, camps, awards etc.)
  2. Information to join for an online profile + all the benefits to get maximum exposure to coaches you want to contact!
  3. Final video will be digitized and uploaded to
  4. Contact information on how to easily contact college coaches in D1, D1AA, D1 and D3
  5. 1 DVD authored and personalized for your file
  6. Most important: Frame By Frame's experience that you will count on to produce a highlight video that will be noticed!
  7. Frame By Frame can assist in coordinating any number of DVDs if needed as well