Frame By Frame Digital History

Frame By Frame Digital was founded in 1981. Frame By Frame's mission was to produce compelling business-to-business visual communications for a "Who's Who" of corporations including Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Sega of America, Sony Computer Entertainment. FBF has had experience in the development of Interactive CD-ROMs, 3D Animation Production, Speaker Support Services for Tradeshow and Events, International Sales Support Production Tools and Web site production. FBF has over 20 years of working with professionals to develop and deliver compelling messages in various mediums with TOTAL SUCCESS!

In the time when Multimedia was a method to sell more computers, FBF worked with new software packages to produce killer, head turning visual projects. FBF was an original developer for Macromind (now Macromedia), Paracomp (acquired by Macromedia), Infinity, PIXAR, and Apple Computers. The focus for FBF was to develop programs for these companies to show the power and capability when properly used. FBF attended the first training for Macromedia Director during the earthquake of 1989. The closeness of the developer community was evident in 1989 as it is now when programs such as Director have proven to be THE application for the development of Multimedia.

FBF worked closely with Macromind in the development of its first 3D program. In addition to Macromind, FBF worked with PIXAR, Diaquest and Adobe to apply these tools for the desktop. Renderman and Showplace from PIXAR proved to be a superb development tool. In 1991, FBF produced composite 3D animation in a live film entitled "The Adventure Begins'. This project created a stir in the film and development community and prompted much press for FBF worldwide.

FBF continued to develop corporate business media for many groups in Silicon Valley. Deliverables varied from Trade show video wall 3D video, Interactive CD-ROM business sales tools, International Training modules, Corporate communication media and various video projects as well.

Rick Sutter continued this production tradition when he moved to the Sacramento Valley in 1998. He personally developed, produced and maintained web sites for Ron Hazelton Productions, EPRI's International Meter Product Directory as well as the strategic marketing of a new Residential Meter called the SE-240 for EPRI. The experience gained with over 15 years of Corporate Communications as well as a degree from the University of California, Berkeley gave Rick the confidence and ability to work with hundreds of Metering and AMR companies worldwide as well as represent EPRI in National trade shows.

Rick also worked closely with ALLTEL Information Services in Little Rock, AK to help with Marketing of a new group focused on Management Services. He continues with relationships in this arena.

The success of FBF will be a firm foundation for companies who partner with FBF in their quest to develop their web site.